XRAY Distribution
Active XRAY token distribution programs


Distribution: 100,000,000 XRAY + Early Delegators Bonus: 15,382 XDIAMOND
Stake ADA in Ray pools (0% fee) to earn 4.4% ADA and XRAY rewards based upon the Live Mining Rate every epoch (5 days). The program will continue until Epoch 500.
Total XRAY Distributed
XRAY Undelivered
Live XRAY Mining Rate

LP / XRAY Staking (Stage 1)

Distribution: 75,000,000 XRAY + Early LP Providers Bonus: 8,884,503 XRAY

The first stage has high APY, as it is an kind of initial token distribution program. You do not have to give up custody of your assets in order to use RayStake. They earn you APY while remaining in your wallet. RayWallet is our recommendation, but any Cardano wallet will work. The program will continue until 83,884,503 XRAY are distibuted:

  • XRAY Tokens Staking: Your XRAY tokens will earn a 20% base APY that can be boosted up to 76% by holding XDIAMOND NFTs.
  • LP Tokens Staking: Holding XRAY/ADA LP tokens from participating exchanges (SundaeSwap, Minswap, Wingriders, RaySwap, and ErgoDex) will earn you a 100% base APY that can be boosted up to 380% by holding XDIAMOND NFTs.
Total XRAY Distributed
XRAY Undelivered
Upcoming programs

LP / XRAY Staking (Stage 2)SOON

Distribution: 50,145,921 XRAY

The second stage of RayStake would be classic Yield Farming (DApp) with moderate interest rate. The program will continue until 50,145,921 XRAY are distibuted.

Reserve & Buyback RoundSOON

Distribution: 81,230,560 XRAY

IDE token distribution with vesting period and buy back option. To be announced after the release of RayPad.

  • ADA/XRAY pair
  • Locking funds in a smart contract for 6, 12, 18 months with an option to cancel the purchase at any time with a 30%, 20%, 10% penalty
  • All unrealized and returned tokens will be burned
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