XRAY Distribution
XRAY token distribution

XRAY tokens are delivered to the community through a fair launch. A total of 58-78% of all tokens will be distributed (depending on how many tokens will be redeemed at Investors Round).


Stake DelegatorsACTIVE

101,538,200 XRAY

Stake ADA in Ray pools and get ~4.5% ROI with extra rewards each epoch 1 XRAY per NaN ADA staked.

  • ~4.5% ROI in ADA per epoch
  • 100,000,000 XRAY in ~3 years; distribution rules
  • 1,538,200 XRAY to early delegators; End. distribution rules
  • All unrealized tokens will be burned in Epoch 505
Total XRAY Distributed
XRAY Undelivered
Live XRAY Mining Rate

Liquidity ProvidersSOON

134,030,424 XRAY

Support for liquidity providers. To be announced after the release of RaySwap.


Investors RoundSOON

81,230,560 XRAY

IDE token distribution with vesting period and buy back option. To be announced after the release of RayPad.

  • ADA/XRAY pair
  • Locking funds in a smart contract for 6, 12, 18 months with an option to cancel the purchase at any time with a 30%, 20%, 10% penalty
  • All unrealized and returned tokens will be burned
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