Cardano DeFi Platform

An advanced DeFi ecosystem for Cardano blockchain platform

We provide the whole range of blockchain solutions for Cardano: from DeFi exchanges, API provisioning systems, light wallets, minting tools & explorers, to different SDKs that open the blockchain world to thousands of crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world

It's all about ADA DeFi finances in one place. Fully Open Sourced. Built on Cardano.
RayStake TVL
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RayStake is LIVE! Join XRAY 0% FEE distributions NOW.

XRAY ISPO: XRAY tokens are distributed through a fair launch. Delegate your ADA to Ray pools and receive 1 XRAY each epoch for every NaN ADA you staked. Ray pools have 0% fee comission, so ADA rewards stay with you.

LP / XRAY Staking: Earn up to 380% — you have to keep DEX LP's or XRAY tokens in your wallet. RayStake takes a snapshot every 2000 blocks and accrue XRAY tokens to your balance.

About Ray Network
Ray Network is a public good owned and governed by XRAY token holders

Ray Network is an advanced open source ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. It includes a light wallet with many features such as: sending and receiving funds, defi swap, NFT marketplace, staking center and others. Our services increase blockchain use adoption; they empowers regular users, developers, creators, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Future-Proof Blockchain Solutions
Secure and Sustainable DApps
Audited Smart Contracts
Multi-Featured Light Wallet
Community Loyalty Programs
Low Latency Infrastructure
Infrastructre Map
Secure Infrastructure. Low latency blockchain access for all Ray Network services
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