Development Information
Development Roadmap
Ray Ecosystem
Q1 2021Website Portal
Q1 2021Pools & APIs Env
Q2 2021RayWallet
Q2 2021RayWallet Stake
Q2 2021RayWallet Rewards
Q2 2021XRAY Token
Q2 2021RayWallet Native Tokens
Q3 2021New Website Portal
Q3 2021XRAY Rewards Withdrawal
Q3 2021XDIAMOND & Redeemer
Q3 2021RayStake App
Q1 2022RayWallet V2
Q1 2022Hardware Wallets Support
Q1 2022Cardano-Web3.js
Q1 2022Whitepaper
Q1 2022RaySwap
Q1 2022RayPad
Q1 2022Smart Contracts Audit
Q1 2022dApps Mainnet Release
Q2 2022RayGraph
Q3-Q4 2022Ray Foundation
2022Ergo Support
Desktop & Mobile Apps
Q4 2021RayWallet PWA Windows
Q4 2021RayWallet PWA macOS
Q4 2021RayWallet PWA iOS
Q4 2021RayWallet PWA Android
Q1 2022RayStake PWA iOS
Q1 2022RayStake PWA Android
Chrome Extensions
Q4 2021RayWallet + DApp Connector
Q4 2021RayStake
Development Information
Development Activity

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