XDIAMOND, marketing and rewarding NFT token


XDIAMOND is a Cardano collectible NFT token for marketing and community incentives. You can get it for participation in marketing activities and giveaways, keep an eye on Ray Network social media.

  • Can be redeemed for an XRAY. Read about the details below
  • Used as a booster in RayStake. Read the FAQ →

Policy ID: b6798a74fb7441ef5f7af1ff4ea6150bbb7aaeb0aca0113e558592f6
Fingerprint: asset1y7lphaaxkvjw5hl2kpq37nvlvg09qfqsh4qyme
Number of tokens: 31,000
Distribution: 16,000 to early delegators, 10,000 for the community, 5,000 for further incentives

Redeem XDIAMONDRedeemed: 0

Send 2 ADA + any amount of XDIAMOND to the address below. That 2 ADA minus the transaction fee will be returned to your wallet with XRAY tokens at the rate shown below.

Current rate is 1 XDIAMOND = 100 XRAY


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