XRAY Tokenomics
Ray Network is a public good owned and governed by XRAY token holders

Ray Network's tokenomics is based on full value creation by the community's participation in the life of the project. The initial token distribution was completely free in the ISPO and RayStake Stage 1 programs with high ROI. 57.07% of all tokens were distributed to participants in these programs. 15.43% of the tokens will be allocated to stimulate the community to provide liquidity and other value creation programs. In total, the community accessed 72.5% of the total capacity of tokens.

Total Cap
324,922,240 XRAY
Community (Stage 1) — 57.07%
185,422,703 XRAY
Community (Stage 2) — 15.43%
50,145,921 XRAY
Dev & Marketing Fund — 17.50%
56,861,392 XRAY
Founders Fund — 10.00%
32,492,224 XRAY
Distribution Breakdown
Stage 2 AllocationLive

Stage 2 includes classic staking with a soft ROI of 15% to incentivize engaged users by the Ray Network ecosystem. Stage 2 will deliver 50,145,921 XRAY tokens in subsequent programs: RayStake & RaySwap (65%) and other DEXes (35%). Visit RayStake →

To Be Distributed
50,145,921 XRAY
Stage 1 AllocationEnd

Stage 1 includes programs such as ISPO and high ROI XRAY/LP staking. In fact, it is the initial distribution of the XRAY token. A total of 185,422,703 XRAY were scheduled for distribution, of which only 131,278,985 XRAY were distributed during ISPO (one year and a half) and RayStake (9 months). The remaining 54,143,718 XRAY will automatically be sent to 25,906 unique wallets who participated in any way in XRAY ISPO or RayStake Stage 1.

Accrued To Participants
131,278,985 XRAY
Undelivered Tokens Drop
54,143,718 XRAY

ISPORayStake Stage1

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