XRAY Tokenomics
Ray Network is a public good owned and governed by XRAY token holders
Circulating Supply
64,538,200 XRAY
Max Supply
406,152,800 XRAY

A total of 406,152,800 XRAY will be issued and will be available over a 3-year period. The initial three year allocation is as follows:

  • 58.00% to Ray Network community members 235,568,624 XRAY
  • 20.00% to reserve & buyback program with vesting periods 81,230,560 XRAY
  • 14.00% to team members and future employees with 3-year vesting 56,681,392 XRAY
  • 8.00% founders and advisors 32,492,224 XRAY
ADA Staking & XRAY ISPO Program 25%
51,538,200 XRAY
Max Allocation
101,538,200 XRAY
LP / XRAY Staking Program 33%
10,000,000 XRAY
Max Allocation
134,030,424 XRAY
Reserve & Buyback Round 20%
Max Allocation
81,230,560 XRAY
Development & Marketing Fund 14%
3,000,000 XRAY
Max Allocation
56,861,392 XRAY
Founders Fund 8%
Max Allocation
32,492,224 XRAY
Planned Distribution Breakdown
Looking for detailed distribution information? Read here.
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