About Ray Network
Ray Network is a public good owned and governed by XRAY token holders

Ray Network is an advanced open source ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. It includes a light wallet with many features such as: sending and receiving funds, defi swap, NFT marketplace, staking center and others. Our services increase blockchain use adoption; they empowers regular users, developers, creators, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Future-Proof Blockchain Solutions
Secure and Sustainable DApps
Audited Smart Contracts
Multi-Featured Light Wallet
Community Loyalty Programs
Low Latency Infrastructure
Robots and Humans
Ray Network team

Our Visual Builder development team has some great full-stack developers who are ready to take on their assigned tasks. The result is the already working RayWallet, RayStake, CardanoList.io, and Minterr.io. At the heart of which is our CardanoWeb3.js framework, which allows you to work with the Cardano blockchain without headaches.

We believe that a small group of professionals is ready to solve big problems. An example of this could be Uniswap, when several people made the world's # 1 distributed token trading exchange. We have a lot of work ahead of us, finding the best professionals in the crypto industry who would be ready to make the largest DeFi platform for Cardano. We believe that these goals are achievable and we are on the way to it!

We have experience integrating Ethereum blockchain solutions into our clients' products, so we have something to compare Cardano with. We believe that IOG team will solve all their tasks and Cardano eUTXO model will become the best blockchain technology in the near future!
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